The Surrey Lane People’s Organisation is an umbrella organisation run by local people that seek to unite the local community. It is an organisation of organisations that will develop a common vision for the neighbourhood, defend what is precious, fight what is damaging, and encourage things that will help the Surrey Lane estate area to thrive.

The Surrey Lane Peoples Organisation (SLPO) exists to build the power of local community in the Surrey Lane area in order to bring about positive change, enhance local democracy, and enable us to take control of our own destiny.

The SLPO will inspire as many local people as possible to participate in the governance of our neighbourhood and develop leaders who can restore the breakdown in trust and fight the hopelessness that has plagued our community in the face of decades of neglect.

The SLPO will stand up to all forms of injustice and strive to build a fairer community based on the bonds of mutual respect. It will work to ensure that it is given a seat around the table when decisions that impact us are taken and that those in power are held to account.

The SLPO is non-partisan and is not affiliated to any political party.

The SLPO will establish itself as a neighbourhood forum under the Localism Act to ensure that local residents have greater control over the planning and development that happens in our area.

The SLPO will work with London Citizens to train leaders from the Surrey Lane area to use community organising techniques to bring about change and work in alliance with other organisations in Wandsworth to strengthen civil society.

The SLPO will strive to ensure that its value are adhered to within the Surrey Lane area and ensure that:

  • The neighbourhood be safe for all
  • Local people have strong and productive relationship with the police
  • All residents live in good-quality affordable home that they can be proud of
  • No-one working in the neighbourhood is paid poverty pay
  • The neighbourhood be free from all forms of discrimination and prejudice
  • Local people are able to find appropriate work
  • Every young person has access to affordable youth activities and services
  • Local people are consulted about the decisions that affect them
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