“Where is the Love?” Surrey Lane asks Wandsworth Council Director for date on window delays

Residents in the Surrey Lane Estate are asking “Where Is The Love?” this Valentine’s Day after a year of delays to replace the tower blocks’ 40-year old windows

Representatives from the Surrey Lane People’s Organisation (SLPO) are sending a Valentine’s Day card in the hopes of initiating a meeting with Brian Reilly, Director of Housing and Community Services at Wandsworth Council, in order to get a timetable agreed to complete the window renewals for each tower block, address issues of clanging scaffolding which is disrupting residents’ sleep, and concerns that lower quality windows will now be installed.

So far, Wandsworth Council officers in charge have declined offers to meet with the cold and sleep-deprived residents, despite being elected representatives by Wandsworth Council’s own Residents Associations on the estate.

Lisa Hawkins, spokesperson for SLPO and Surrey Lane Towers Residents Association, said, “Brian Reilly helped us get these windows started in the first place. Although we’re thankful to him, these delays are really affecting us. I don’t know what to tell my children when they ask when we will get our windows or they can’t sleep because of the noise of the scaffolding in the wind. We hope Brian Reilly won’t leave us asking, ‘Where is the love?’, but accept our Valentine’s Day card and agree to meet with us”.

The Surrey Lane People’s Organisation receives funding from People’s Health Trust using money raised by HealthFreedom through The Health Lottery and focuses on increasing the wellbeing of residents on the Surrey Lane Estate.




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