Surrey Lane Estate left in the cold on windows

SLPO members met with councillors on Saturday 23rd January to resolve reasons for delays in works to replace their out of date windows.

Members of the Surrey Lane People’s Organisation (SLPO) are angry about the delays to their new windows, which were promised to be completed by Christmas, and have asked Cllr. Simon Hogg, from the Housing and Regeneration Overview and Scrutiny Committee, to arrange a meeting with Wandsworth Council.

Faced with another winter of discontent, with draughts and excess noise, SLPO want answers. Alice Thomson, co-chair of SLPO, has said “I, as many others, long for the day when my eight year old daughter and myself will be able to fall asleep on Friday evening without having to endure the outside noises or wind howling through the holes of our windows”.

The delays have meant that scaffolding remains up on one of the tower blocks, despite works being scheduled to be finished weeks ago. Lisa Hawkins, a Surrey Lane Estate resident, said that, once the windows are finished, “My children wouldn’t be scared as we have foxes, squirrels and pigeons on the scaffolding looking for food. I could open the curtains, it’s been months now – really so depressing!”.

The Surrey Lane People’s Organisation receives funding from People’s Health Trust using money raised by HealthFreedom through The Health Lottery and focus on increasing the wellbeing of residents on the Surrey Lane Estate.



Cllr Simon Hogg of Wandsworth Council’s Housing and Regeneration Overview and Scrutiny Committee agrees to setup meetings between SLPO and Wandsworth Council on the issue of the windows


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