Surrey Lane Residents Celebrate with Wandsworth Citizens

SLPO members joined 190 members from Wandsworth Citizens institutions in celebrating progress on campaigns at York Gardens Library. Wandsworth Citizens is a branch of Citizens UK, a diverse Civil Society alliance who work on a range of issues from small local campaigns to large national campaigns. Working with Wandsworth Citizens, the SLPO have delivered positive commitments to the Surrey Lane Estate on our Estates Cleaning, Football Pen and Local Jobs campaigns.

Football Pen Campaign

As part of the successful Surrey Lane Football Pen Campaign, Rene thanked Cllr. Tessa Strickland with a flowers and a football from the young people of the Surrey Lane Estate. Cllr. Strickland recalled scoring a goal whilst playing football in the football pen and was delighted that a new, safer all-weather playing surface would be provided, overgrown tress be cut back and youth football events would be provided in the Surrey Lane Estate.

Local Jobs Campaign

On the Local Jobs Campaign, Servelle thanked James Roden, Paul Bacon and other staff from Lend Lease for interviewing Surrey Lane Estate residents for jobs on the construction site for the new St. John Bosco College, which will deliver local, London Living Wage jobs.

Estates Cleaning Campaign

For the Estates Cleaning campaign, James Abbott from Lewis & Graves publicly agreed to an estate tour with Surrey Lane residents, and after resident concerns were raised, there was a change of supplier meaning replacement mops and brooms would now be delivered within 24 hours to cleaners.

Yolanda Garcia, Co-Chairperson for SLPO, said afterwards, “This is brilliant news. I feel that we are going in the right direction. It’s nice to see that we can be partners with Lewis & Graves to improve life for families on the Surrey Lane Estate.

Wandsworth Citizens made progress on other campaigns, developing a relationship with the new Police Borough Commander, Richard Smith, as well a national Social Care Campaign.


Cllr. Tessa Strickland collects a football from young people from the Surrey Lane Estate in thanks for her support.


190 members of Wandsworth Citizens join Surrey Lane residents in celebrating progress on several campaigns.


Servelle thanks Lend Lease for their commitment to deliver local, Living Wage jobs by interviewing Surrey Lane residents


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