14 year old scores football pen promise for SLPO

SLPO sent 12 members to a Wandsworth Citizens Housing Team delegation for Wandsworth Council’s Let’s Talk event for St. Mary’s Park ward. The 18 strong delegation included representatives from St. Mary’s Church, St. Luke’s Church and Greater Winstanley People’s Organisation (GWPO).

Public commitments were sought from Cllr. Tessa Strickland for a safer refurbished football pen in the Surrey Lane Estate, and for support in our meeting with Brian Riley, the new Director Designate of Housing and Community Services, with regards to estate cleaning and appearance. Cllr. Strickland confirmed her support for all of these.

Virgilio Santos, 14, (pictured below) led the delegation’s ask on a refurbished football pen. Cllr. Strickland responded to Virgilio saying, “Yes, you do need a safe place to play football. We are going to look at that and the overhanging trees which leave debris on the pitch. I’m sure we can get that upgraded for you”.

Virgilio commented afterwards, “I feel really proud. Getting Cllr. Strickland’s commitment was a real pleasure for me because that was my goal. I hope me and my friends will be able to play football safely soon”.

Tom Crawley, a junior Wandsworth Council housing officer, confirmed that the Surrey Lane Estate’s major works, including window renewals will be competed by 2015/16.

Lets Talk Virgilio

Lets Talk SLPO


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