Resident Associations as part of SLPO secure £19000 for their blocks

Surrey Lane Resident Associations in Whitgift House, Macey House, Musgrave and Wolsey Courts and Mansel Court have secured funding for improvements to their blocks. These raised the total value of improvements to £19,000 for the whole estate. This includes upgrades to bike sheds in Whitgift House and Macey House, stagger barriers in Mansel Court, as well as bin sheds for Musgrave & Wolsey Courts. Furthermore, both Whitgift House and Macey House will also make improvements to their new meeting rooms.

RAs applied for these funds via the Small Improvement Budget from Wandsworth Council. These funds do not impact in any way upon service charges paid by residents.

Lance Francis – SLPO Secretary and Chair of Musgrave and Wolsey Court RA, said, “The gains we have achieved in our first 15 months are amazing. £19,000 is a very good start on improvements for our individual blocks. The bin sheds for my block will make for a more aesthetically pleasing environment, preventing mess.

The work we have all done to achieve our goals was not and is not in vain, and will inspire us to keep up the hard work which reflects well on the SLPO as a whole.”

SLPO Residents Associations who accredit with Wandsworth Council are able to submit applications for a Small Improvements Budget.

If you live in the Surrey Lane Estate and do not have a Residents Association, please Contact Us.


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