SLPO welcomes the Met Police to the Surrey Lane Estate

Leaders from the SLPO and Compton House RA welcomed the Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) for St. Mary’s Park Ward during their “Street A Week” events at Compton House. This included PC Michelle Brooks, PC Matthew Alder, PCSO James Whipps and PCSO Omar El Guenuni. An earlier event was held in Macey House.

Leaders asked for Whitgift House and Frasier & Wigram Courts to be prioritised when the events return to the area. The SNT also agreed to provide CCTV footage from the Council, with them patrolling the lobby – efforts to prove to residents and criminals that the CCTV cameras are functional and there are police patrols in the Surrey Lane Estate. There was agreement to continue building a relationship between the SNT and SLPO.

Find out more about SNT for St. Mary’s Park Ward:



  1. Proud to serve the surrey lane estate & help make a difference to our local community.

    Want to thank the Surrey lane committee for their hard work, dedication and support, in helping to build a safer community.

    Kind regards

    PCSO Omar El-Guenuni

  2. Thank you Omar. We welcome you and your colleagues’ efforts in the Surrey Lane Estate and the local area. We look forward to continue building a successful relationship between residents and the Police, as well as future “Street-A-Week” actions in the estate.

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